Brrrr it’s cold.

it is cold folks, but we are still doing service in the courtyard. Today’s specials are our Coca Cola braised brisket sandwich with goose cracklins thats drowned in a delicious gravy made from the coke braise. Its heavy and it’s perfect for the weather. $8.

We also have the curried lamb burger with house made pickled onions for $10.

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Today in the courtyard

Today we will be featuring our own Piggyback pork burger. It’s a 1/2 lbs fresh ground pork burger with english back bacon and you choice of cheese for $8.

Also we will have a curried lamb burger with house made pickled onions for $10.

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Christopher Marquez

Christopher Marquez-Sous Chef

Chris is a west Seattle native of 29 years. He began his culinary career 13 years ago washing
sheet pans at a local bakery . He has worked at Alki café & bakery, Amber, Angelo’s, The Bohemian, Bastille, Broadmoor golf club, Elliot Bay brewery, Feedback lounge,  JAK’s grill, Seattle golf club, Rainier golf and country club, as well as staged at Spring hill and Spur. He has studied at both  Seattle culinary academy in 2008, and south Seattle community college culinary program in 2007, where his team earned a silver medal in the ACF student team west coast regional championship. While studying at South Seattle, he discovered a love of charcuterie and was able to practice  and hone his craft working under Chef Sean Rodgers. A few years later, the Swinery opened and an opportunity for an internship was presented. Which eventually led him to being hired on as sous chef at the swinery.

Chris lives in west seattle, he enjoys playing guitar, zombie movies, and getting tattooed.

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Holiday hours!!

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No Bacon?? OMG!!!

We kinda told some people how great bacon is.  Like they didn’t know that already?  Seems they told some other people and how great our bacon is … now we ain’t got none.  OMG !!!!  We are getting more as we speak!!  Keep checking here and our twitter or facebook for updates!!!

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Don’t forget – The Grill is closed today

Due to the holiday rush these last couple days, the grill area is closed till Monday.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Candied Bacon


The holidays are a perfect time to create special treats for friends and family. Surprise them with this unusual sweet and savory recipe:


Candied Bacon

1/2 pound The Swinery applewood smoked bacon

1/2 cup Demarara sugar*


Cook bacon in 2 batches in a 12-inch heavy skillet over moderate heat, turning over once, until bacon is lightly browned on edges but still flexible. Transfer to paper towels to drain.

Pour off fat from skillet and arrange bacon in skillet in 1 layer. Sprinkle sugar over bacon and cook over low heat (to prevent sugar from burning), turning occasionally until sugar is dissolved, caramelized, and coats bacon, about 8 to 10 minutes. (Bacon will be dark and look lacquered.) Transfer bacon to brown paper to cool (don’t use paper towels or it will stick to the sugar).

*Demerara sugar is raw cane sugar – brown and unrefined. Avoid using “London” demerara sugar as it is regular refined white sugar with molasses added.


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Who is who?

Joey Brewer

Head Butcher & Co-Owner

A native of Washington state, Joseph Brewer discovered his passion for cuisine

during his formative years in New York City, cooking in various kitchens

throughout one of the world’s greatest food cities. Upon returning to Seattle in

his late twenties, the young chef encountered personal setbacks that threatened to

temporarily derail his culinary dreams. Ever the fighter, Joey joined the renowned

FareStart Culinary Arts Job Training Program in 2007 where he received invaluable

training and support, as well as the opportunity to work alongside celebrated Seattle

chefs. Joey went on to find success in a supervisory position at The 5 Spot (a Chow

Foods restaurant), handling everything from menu development, quality control and

food preparation to scheduling, ordering and inventory. In 2009, Joey joined West

Seattle’s Jak’s Grill as the lead line cook where his commitment to producing the

highest quality food led him to The Swinery, where he is now the head butcher and


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TOP TEN reasons to shop at The Swinery

  • All meat products sold at The Swinery are free of antibiotics and added hormones.
  • The Swinery supports local farmers and growers – when you buy products here you help these small area businesses and their families, which allows them to keep their farms “green space” and less prone to development.
  • Our purveyors provide us with organic and free-range meats – this style of animal raising is more humane for the animals and results in a better-tasting product.
  • The Swinery is a great source for hard-to-find fresh and cured meats including guinea fowl, rabbit, Muscovy duck, suckling pig and more. Many products are traditional “old world” items that are rarely seen at a local supermarket.
  • Bacon is KING at The Swinery and is our top selling product. It’s applewood-smoked on the premises twice a week.
  • Besides a great, constantly changing selection of fresh meat, the Swinery has numerous house-made products for take-away dining, including pate’s, weekly entree specials, soups, stews and pickled vegetables.
  • The courtyard grill is open daily for hot lunch burgers, ‘dogs and sandwich specials, and on weekends for brunch with fresh-made biscuits for biscuits and gravy and breakfast hash specials.
  • The Swinery makes several kinds of fresh sausage each week including Toulouse, Italian, bratwurst, bacon dogs, Andouille, boudin noir, rosemary breakfast sausage and Mexican style chorizo.
  • Our in-house baker creates mouthwatering treats using The Swinery’s bacon – tasting will make you a believer!
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions or fill a special order for you.
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